Home Entertainment Adnan Sami lashes out at people for criticising him on being awarded Padma Shri

Adnan Sami lashes out at people for criticising him on being awarded Padma Shri

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Adnan Sami lashes out at people for criticizing him on being awarded Padma Shri
Bollywood’s talented singer and composer Adnan Sami is hitting the headlines since the news of him receiving the Padma Shri hit the social media platforms. The singer is being criticized for the same and so far he has received many hate messages. Lately, a Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill criticized the center for awarding the most prestigious award to Pakistan born singer Adnan Sami.
Though the singer gave him a befitting reply, the haters didn’t shut their mouth and to date, they are sending him to hate messages. Recently, in an interview, Adnan was asked over the same to which he said, ‘It is okay if they didn’t like it. I have forgiven them. They are becharmed (poor people) and I hope they will learn from it. If a handful of people doesn’t like it then it doesn’t matter because 1.3 billion people liked the decision, so who are they? They should be kept aside.”
Well, according to people they felt that there are several other deserving Indian musicians who were overlooked and more than Sami they deserved the prestigious award. Sami who paid less heed to all this said that now he feels more responsible towards his music and the industry. He pronounced that he will try to do even better now.
The singer continued that being a responsible citizen it’s his responsibility to ensure that he gives his best through his profession which is music and for which he has been honored.
Adnan Sami was given Padma Shri on India’s 71st Republic Day. The Home Ministry had released a list of 118 people including Adnan. The award recognized Adnan’s contribution to art in India.

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