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Akshay Sternly Advises Fans to Be a ‘Khiladi’ and Stay Home

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Akshay Kumar has posted a video message begging fans to stay indoors.

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to share a stern message with the public, urging them not to step out unless absolutely necessary amid the ongoing coronavirus health crisis. He began the two-minute clip by apologizing in case he says anything rude out of anger. He then proceeds to admonish those who have been violating the government’s orders to stay indoors.

Akshay Kumar, Actor”Have people gone mad? Who doesn’t understand the meaning of the word lockdown? Lockdown means stay at home! Stay indoors with your family. Don’t go out for a lark. Do you think you’re being very brave by going out? You will land yourselves in the hospital and so will your family – your sister, mother… no one will survive if you aren’t cautious. I beg of you to use your common sense.”

As many as 30 states and Union Territories, including Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal, and Tamil Nadu are under lockdown till 31 March as part of the government’s efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus. While essential services continue to be operational, people have been advised to stay indoors.

Akshay urged everyone, on bended knee, to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously and said that everybody needed to do their part to fight the spread of the disease. He emphasized that people could save lives just by washing their hands and staying indoors as the government has advised.

Akshay Kumar” You can be the hero of your family. You can be the ‘Khiladi’ in the world. All you need to do is stay at home. Just stay at home! If you stay at home for as long as the government tells you to, you can save the lives of your family members.”

“This is war. We need to fight the coronavirus. We have no other choice. In other instances, I would tell you to get out and fight bravely. But to win this war, I tell you to wash your hands and stay at home. Will you chose to be champions or fools?” he added.

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