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Ellen DeGeneres tackles claims of work place in letter to staff

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In the aftermath of allegations of hostile work climate and sexual misconduct, famous TV host Ellen DeGeneres has written a letter to her show staff. In an recent report from Buzzfeed, hundreds of employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show have come forward, claiming sexual assault and abuse by some of the top executive producers at the show.

DeGeneres tendered an apology in her letter to the staff, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, saying the series was conceived as a “place of joy” but this is not the case at present.

“On the first day of our series, in our first meeting, I assured everyone that The Ellen DeGeneres Series would be a place of peace, that no one would ever raise their voices and that everybody would be treated with dignity,” she said.

“Everything clearly changed and I am surprised to hear that this was not the case. And I am sorry for that. Anyone who knows me knows that this is the opposite of what I believe in and what I had hoped for our show, “she said.

DeGeneres said the series bears her name and told the workers that action would be taken to “fix the problems” in the future.

“As we grew exponentially, I wasn’t able to keep on top of it and relied on everyone to do their jobs because they knew I was going to get them done. Apparently a few have not. That’s going to change now and I’m committed to making sure that this doesn’t happen again … “she wrote.

“As someone who was punished and almost lost everything for just being who I am, I genuinely understand and have great respect for others that are looked at differently, or viewed harshly, not equal, or even less disregarded. To think that all of you feel that way is horrible to me,” she continued.

The host of the television show vowed to “do my best to keep pushing me and everyone around me to learn and develop.”

The allegations outlined in Buzzfeed ‘s article centered largely on Keith Leman, head writer and executive producer, who was accused of groping and proposing male workers.

Others say that producer Ed Glavin, who is currently sharing ways with The Ellen Show, has inappropriately approached them.

Warner Bros’ parent WarnerMedia launched a “internal inquiry” earlier this week to address hostile work climate claims.

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