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Emmy Awards ceremony due to pandemics to be held online

by the owl speaks

The September Emmy Awards broadcast is the new coronavirus pandemic victim, and this may involve some celebrities emerging in pyjamas or from their bedrooms.

Hollywood trade publication Variety on Wednesday said host Jimmy Kimmel and producers of the September 20 telecast wrote to Emmy candidates stating there won’t be a typical Los Angeles television gathering to celebrate.

“As you probably inferred, on September 20th, we will not be asking you to come to the Microsoft Theater in downtown LA. It’s still going to be the biggest night out for the TV industry this year … Yet we’ll get to you! , “said the message, which Variety got.

This said the producers intended to film nominees at home or at another venue they liked.

“What do you wear, then??? Our casual night-time theme is’ come as you are, but make an effort! ‘. If you want to be in formal wear, we ‘d love that, but if you’re in the United Kingdom and it’s 3 a.m., you might want to be in pajamas designer and record from bed! , “added text.

The letter did not provide any information about the series format which is normally broadcast live in front of an A-list celebrity audience.

On Wednesday, ABC television, which will air the series, said that producers had reached out to candidates and arrangements were still being worked out.

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