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Priyanka Chopra wants to do more action films

by the owl speaks

In an interview with IANS, Priyanka said, “I have always done my own stunts. I trust my body immensely. I am as athletic as a person. I just really enjoy action movies. I have done them in Don and Quantico. I hope to do more of them.”

Adding, she said, “I am someone who believes in a gender-neutral world. I hope in my lifetime we reach a place where we say movies instead of female-centric movies, we say directors instead of female directors, we say athletes instead of female athletes.”

“I hope my children don’t have to worry about the fact that ‘this is an Indian female cricket team or Indian female movie’. We don’t say ‘it is a male-centric movie, so let’s go and watch it’. So why do we have to say that it’s a female (centric movie)? I hope that happens and I am seeing it more and more as the conversation… where girls are coming out of their shells, and parents are supporting in finding their own feet. My parents supported me in all my dreams and ambitions.”

Priyanka has been sharing tips on her social media as the world faces with coronavirus pandemic. Recently she shared a video of washing her hands as she crooned a song of husband Nick Jonas’.

On her work front, Priyanka will be seen in a superhero film titled ‘We Can Be Heroes’. The film is by Robert Rodriguez.


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