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Radhika Apte Reveals Some Of Her Fondest Gudi Padwa Memories

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On the special occasion of Gudi Padwa, Radhika Apte has some childhood memories that she recalls and also shares how the actress spends this special day along with her family.

Radhika shares, “Every house had a Gudi and they had a cloth on the Gudi and every house had a different colored cloth so I used to love looking at people’s windows and balconies and used to think of what color they have used and why and just see all the different colors they have used them and also some families used the same color and some families use to change the color and I use to love the color of the cloth on Gudi Padwa.”

Radhika also shared a fond memory saying, “Also it is the day my parents had a holiday and my parents were very busy and they always are busy they still busy, so it was the day my Mom and I used to put the Gudi together that is the fond memory.” “What makes the festival so special for me is coz my mother is home” adds the actress.

Talking about her favorite food, Radhika says, “My favorite is Puran Poli. I don’t even know if Puran Poli’s are made for Gudi Padwa necessarily but my mom used to make Puran Poli, as in my Grandmother actually. And I used to love that.”

Truly these childhood memories are the ones that Radhika is enjoying to recollect and is having her best time. On the work front, Radhika will be seen next in Raat Akeli Hai alongside Nawazzudin Siddiqui.

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