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Salman’s ‘Radhey’ and Akshay’s ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ coming together on release / Eid, talkies boss upset

by the owl speaks

Bollywood desk. Salman Khan’s films on Eid have been coming as Ravayat for the last decade. No small big star releases his film in front. Now there seems to be change in that concession. That is, Akshay Kumar is coming in front of Salman on Eid next year.

Rahul Kadbet, Vice President of Carnival Cine Chain Pregramming, is worried about the exhibitors. They say, ‘Audience will definitely divide. Unnecessary comparisons also occur between the two films. Two big films rarely see the entire family on a date. That is because if three people also have a family, then 1000 to 1500 rupees are spent on it. As a result, it is difficult to see even a second picture in the same weekend.  

Has Salman or Akshay not yet had a meeting with the exhibitors on this concern? Overall the making of both is 135 crores. Apart from this, the fees of Salman Khan are 50 to 55 crores. Akshay charges one crore rupees daily. Then the cost will come out, When they got more days of holidays. Incidentally, Eid is also falling on Thursday and Friday. In such a situation, two big films have only three days to collect collections. It would be extremely difficult for both of them to collect a total of 300 crores. Anyway, the current trend is that small budget films are going to 100 crore club. Distributors and exhibitors spend less money to buy their rights from producers. They also see less risk in them. But for Lakshmi Bomb and Radhe, the total bet of Rs 300 to 350 crores will be from distributors and exhibitors. Three days is a matter of concern for him for his recovery.

Manoj Desai, who represents single screens, says, if both come on a date, multiplexers will somehow make up, but the single screen will suffer fat loss. All parties will meet soon to avoid that storm. Both films have potential. Akshay Kumar has taken a very bold step. Salman has his own fan following, who wants his film on Eid.

Rahul holds another point. That is, as happened in the case of Bala and Ujra Chaman that both of them moved their release date in the last moment, it could be possible here. Makers, exhibitors and audiences will benefit from this. Whether it happens or not, it will be a thing to see.

Experts of Moral Pressure Trade on Salman also say that Salman Khan also has Moral Pressure. That’s because Akshay Kumar’s Suryavanshi gave up the date of Eid when Inshallah was annulled. Now in return, Salman does the same for Lakshmi Bomb or not, that will be a matter to be seen.

Apart from the clash on Eid, Akshay Kumar’s ‘Good News’ will also affect the Dabangg 3 selection. She thinks that Dabangg 3 is coming on Christmas. Usually, when Aamir’s film came, he used to get an empty ground till the first week of January. ‘Dabangg 3’ was a similar plan. In that sense, the amount of his rights was being decided. But now he is getting free time for a single week. Obviously, the corrections in the amount of rights are fixed.

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