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One Woman Is Fighting Against Child Sexual Abuse

by the owl speaks

Pooja Taparia was passionate about helping humans. She began by helping to raise funds for small initiatives in her neighborhood, volunteering time for different causes and mobilizing people to help the underprivileged. Then, one incident gave Pooja’s life a new direction. Since then she has worked non-stop with her colleagues at Arpan in the area of child sexual exploitation.

When Pooja Taparia went to see a play in 2004 she never thought it would forever change her life.

The play portrayed a Child Sexual Abuse victim’s pain and depression, and how the incident had impacted her actions all her life. That girl’s suffering, trouble and troubled mental state brought out the crime’s unspeakable reality. It had such a profound impact on young Taparia, that she decided to dedicate her life to fighting the scourge in our country.

Nevertheless, Arpan was transferred to an agency that operates extensively in the CSA area after Pooja ‘s attempt with the play on CSA. This now meets the needs of all those who have witnessed these events, or wish to know more about CSA.

According to a 2007 report carried out by the Ministry of Women and Child Development on Child Sexual Abuse, 53.22 per cent of children experienced one or more forms of sexual assault. 21.90 percent had to face extreme forms of sexual abuse and 50.76 percent had to face other types of sexual abuse. Fifty per cent of the offenders were familiar persons and known to the boy.

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