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‘Air-Venti’: Mumbai is getting an app for real-time information on ICU beds, ventilators

by the owl speaks

Mumbai: With a cumulative Covid-19 figure of 1,16,752 positive cases and over 5,600 deaths, Maharashtra is by far the worst coronavirus affected state in the country. Mumbai, India’s financial capital, has been caught so off guard that there alone the confirmed number of cases has passed 61,500.

While cases are increasing at an alarming rate on the one hand, the lacuna in the state’s health infrastructure has left the citizens shaken and wanting. It’s been a hellish few months for people infected with coronavirus, from the lack of enough beds for Covid patients to unhygienic hospitals warding for those who managed one.

In order to address this pressing concern, the Mumbai civic authorities have launched a mobile application that will provide information on the availability of beds and ventilators in the city hospitals.

Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar declared on Wednesday the launch of the ‘Air-Venti’ app to tell people how many beds and ventilators are accessible in the city in hospitals.

It’ll even help people in emergencies, she said.

“The app will help people find out about the availability of ICU beds and ventilators in the hospitals in Mumbai,” Pednekar told media during the launch.

The application will be connected to the Mumbai disaster control room dashboard and can be accessed via the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation app as well.

You can download ‘Air-Venti’ over the Google Play Store.

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