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Astronaut tweets images of the ‘night and day boundary.’ They ‘re mesmerizing,

by the owl speaks

Two stunning images posted on Twitter by astronaut Bob Behnken are now causing quite a stir. And why they won’t? These photos, after all, display something completely remarkable – the ‘night-day boundary.’

“My favorite views of our planet capturing the boundary between day and night,” Behnken wrote and tweeted the stunning images.

We ‘re not going to try to explain the beauty captured in the pictures. Look at these literally pictures from this planet and get ready to be amazed:

My favorite views of our world showing the dividing line between night and day.

The post has gathered more than 57,000 likes since being posted only a day ago and the numbers are only rising. However, it also received more than 8,100 retweets. People have shared all sorts of comments about the post, expected. Although some people used varied adjectives to respond to the images, others used a more comedic route to express themselves. Many people have even written that they wish they were up in space.

“I don’t mind winding up in space until 2020,” a Twitter user joked. “Thanks so much for the videos! They encourage us to dream, while sometime in the future we hope to join you in space! “Another wrote. “That’s insane, wish I could travel to the ISS [International Space Station],” expressed a third.

Robert L. Behnken, nicknamed Bob, is currently serving as the Joint Operations Commander for the SpaceX mission launched on May 30, 2020, reports NASA’s website.


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