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Pilot draws heart shape over hospitals in Island to thank medical staff

by the owl speaks

While the cases of coronavirus continue to grow globally, people are seeking innovative ways to thank the frontline staff who put their lives at risk to fight the pandemic.
Citizens are doing their best to spread joy in trying times like this, from clapping their hands to singing songs to showing gratitude for vital service providers.
Now, a pilot who brought medical supplies from China to Iceland thanked healthcare staff for their efforts to fight the coronavirus pandemic by drawing a heart in the sky over hospitals in Reykjavík, the capital.
The unidentified pilot drew a big heart with the flight path of the plane while recently returning to Iceland from Shanghai in China.
The pilot doodled a heart shape in the sky above two Reykjavík hospitals to thank the frontline workers in the country.
The flight’s change in direction added another nine minutes, SWNS confirmed.
The flight went on to Keflavik International Airport.
A photograph of the flight’s route is making social media rounds.
“On arrival from China with medical supplies a Boeing 767 from Icelandair has drawn a big heart over Reykjavik in Iceland,” the picture is captioned.
More than 1,700 novel coronavirus cases have been recorded from Iceland.
Last month an Austrian pilot delivered the social distancing message along with the direction of his flight.
The pilot had encouraged people to follow the laws of self-isolation and
quarantine by spelling out, with his flight route, the words ‘fly home.’
Meanwhile, according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 2.4 million people tested positive for COVID-19, including 1.7 lakh deaths and 6.5 lakh coverages.

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