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by the owl speaks


One of your favorite people is moving into an exciting new phase of their life, and their happiness is rubbing off on you! You couldn’t be more excited and proud that they are having all their good deeds rewarded. Get involved with what they are doing with enthusiasm, and some of their good karma will also rub off on you! Not everyone can be this bighearted, and your stature in their life will benefit from your support. This is a growth phase for your relationship.


Embarking on new beginnings is always important, but make sure that you aren’t losing your appreciation for old connections. Every step you have taken in the past has led you to where you are today, and where you are today prepares you for getting you where you are meant to go. So make time for old friends in between connecting with new friends. Send a thank you to that teacher or mentor who helped you. Realize that your life is not just about the future.


It’s a good idea to reexamine your toughest goal because it’s probably too unrealistic for you to reach, at least just yet. Frustration is not a good motivator right now, so ratchet things back and give yourself a more reasonable expectation of what can happen in your given time frame. You deserve to feel like a success, not like someone who can never quite reach that brass ring. Adjust your sights and be more reasonable. The win will feel just as good.


Spice up your day by making a connection. Making genuine contact will give both of you a rush and a reminder that people are just people, and everyone likes being liked. You can choose to have a pleasant experience instead of an average one. It just take a tiny bit of effort. And the reward is always interesting.


Your professional life is getting brighter, but you can expect things to get hot and heavy in your personal life! This is something you have been waiting for, and you are more than ready to take advantage of it. Call up your partner or your crush and plan something social as soon as possible. They are in this phase, too, and when the two of you get together, the energy is palpable. Where you are going may not be clear yet, but it’s clear you are going there together.


Before you get involved in any new project, competition, or relationship, you need to put things on pause. Take another long look at the last one you were involved in. There are some loose ends that still need to be tied up with a neat little bow. Make sure you finish it up completely before starting on something new. You know that you’ve got to close that door before you will be totally ready to open up another one.


You’ve been riding on a wave of positive energy lately, and today it’s your task to help others get on that wave with you. It’s easy for you to create good times for your favorite people because you know them so well. So why not plan something that you know they’ll love? Be encouraging and try to help a sad friend see the positive things ahead. As for grumpy people, all it takes is a smile from you to get them to smile back.


Your creativity could use a nice workout, and right now the kitchen is the perfect place for it. How about cooking some of your favorite foods to give to your favorite people? It’s a great way to express how much you care about them, and the items can be as elaborate or simple as you want. Whether it’s cupcakes or pot roast, the people who care about you are going to feel well cared for. Get ready to dispense deliciousness and warm feelings.


The past will have a stronghold on you today, as well it should. There are lessons there that you still need to learn. Listen to others reminisce and you will gain some incredibly valuable insight into your future. It’s the perfect day to talk to older relatives. These people love you and have a special message to give you. It will be wonderful to remind yourself how important they are in your life and to refresh their place in your heart.


If you wake up feeling blue, remember that you can turn things around. You can start to feel better as soon as you start thinking good thoughts. Toss out your worries, your fears, and your preoccupation with unconstructive things. It’s important to feel your feelings and give yourself time to process them, but there comes a point when you just have to say no to negative thinking. To help switch your emotional gears, talk to a funny friend.


Things are just not going to go the way you want them to today, no matter how feverishly you wish or how hard you push. But your mood is so great that you probably won’t care too much. The earlier you give up your bullheadedness, the sooner you will get back to being in a good mood. You have to choose your battles, and today you should choose none, thank you very much. And don’t fear that you are losing influence! Just because you can’t get your way today does not mean that you won’t get it tomorrow.


You are starting to think about making some big changes in your life, probably because one of your friends has been going through a dramatic transformation lately and you are feeling inspired! Start today by asking this person for a few pointers on how to go about an evolution. They have some excellent advice to give you, and some of their inside secrets should surprise you. Your attention will be very flattering to them, and it will encourage them to keep on going on their new life path.

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