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by the owl speaks


The Moon is in Gemini and in your third house of communication. You may feel more chatty than usual, especially in relation to your goals and aspirations. Conversations with others can be very fruitful today and you are encouraged to explore the depths of your mind and see what you find!

The Mars sextile Pluto transit brings stamina as well as energy. This is a good time to multitask and a crackdown on tasks that require a lot of patience and verve. Believe in yourself, Aries – you are capable of achieving great things so long as you have the passion and stamina to do so!


The Moon is in Gemini and in your second house of self-worth and income. Under the Mars sextile Pluto transit you are filled with more drive and determination, but it’s important for you to take it slow and not rush into things. Hence, a good pampering session or two can do wonders for you!

The Moon conjunct Venus transit today brings a favorable ability to tackle projects you may otherwise find boring or difficult. You are filled with new energy today and harnessing this energy towards your material needs and physical attributes, such as exercising and creating new healthy meal plans, is a wonderful way to seize the day.


This is a powerful time for going inwards and reconnecting with yourself at a deeper level, Gemini.

With the Moon in your sign and in your first house of Self and discipline, you may feel more sensitive and eager to explore parts of your subconsciousness that may have been hidden. Events or conversations may manifest today which draws attention to the deepest part of yourself, igniting your curiosity. This is absolutely fine, Gemini, for the universe will often throw things our way to help us on our journey.


This may be quite a revolutionary day for you, Cancer! How willing are you to dig deep today? What issues grip your attention?

The Moon is in Gemini and in your twelfth house of the subconscious. The Moon sextile Chiron transit is playing a strong role for you today. This transit brings heightened compassion and awareness, and it is particularly important that you direct your compassion towards yourself. 

Being kind to oneself is essential. It marks the beginning and the end of deep understanding and heightens our empathy for others. What parts of yourself need looking into? What aspects of yourself need healing?


This is a powerful time for tackling tricky projects, especially when it relates to something on a wider scale, Leo!

The Moon is in Gemini and in your eleventh house of friendship and community, heightening your communication skills and encouraging you to brainstorm with others about your passions and interests.

The Mars sextile Pluto transit brings with it a desire to succeed. Hence, cracking on with those difficult tasks comes easier today and you are able to use your natural energy in line with the universal ones. There are positive things on the horizon – it just takes grit and determination to get there!


This is quite a contemplative time for you, Virgo, and you benefit from discussing your goals and aspirations with others.

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost to feel motivated and driven by something again. Let someone dear to you know your passions; talk about them and let yourself feel that sense of zest! The Mars sextile Pluto transit brings determination and drive to succeed with your plans. Discussing them can give you that little extra oompf.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your tenth house of career and reputation. You may find yourself reminiscing on the past, but don’t let any negative thoughts weigh you down. Combat them with positive ones and remind yourself that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, Virgo!


It’s important to think about the things that make you feel happy and spiritually-nourished today, Libra.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your ninth house of wisdom and spirituality. This brings you into closer connection with yourself and it is also a good idea to explore your own beliefs and deeper self through external measures. For example, you could read up on topics that help you understand your own spiritual path, or discuss your thoughts with others who are of a like-mind.


Today is about embracing the stillness and quieting the chatter, Scorpio.

The Moon is in Gemini and in your eighth house of bonding and transformation. This brings a heightened awareness of your inner needs and also a strengthened desire for communication. But understanding the depth of that communication is what matters, Scorpio. And very often, the best type of discussions are the ones you have with yourself.

Meditation and going inwards is strongly recommended at this time as this is a powerful house placement for you. You are able to glimpse upon moments of enlightenment within which can be transformational for you.


The Moon is in Gemini and in your seventh house of relationships. Is there something you need to get off your chest? With important discussions, it is essential to be clear with your intentions as misunderstandings can occur otherwise. Likewise, you may be a little more sensitive today – try not to take things at face value.

The Mars sextile Pluto transit brings a desire to take action and you may feel compelled towards offering sweet gestures to those you care for. A heartfelt message would be a lovely way to express your affection.


Under the Mars sextile Pluto transit today, Capricorn, your sense of drive is increased and this makes it a great time to tackle those projects you’ve been putting off or haven’t been too keen on!

Getting organized is the way forward today. The Moon is in Gemini and in your sixth house of work and duty, and this can bring restlessness if your energies are not directed towards productive endeavors.

So sorting out your living space, going through your monthly budget, setting up your desk space – these can all be very productive and beneficial for you moving forwards.


Today is about prioritizing and going through the things that ignite your passions. The Moon is in Gemini and in your fifth house of romance and creativity. Your creative streak is powerful today and under the Mars sextile Pluto transit you are able to tackle tasks with verve and enthusiasm.

What is your relationship with your creative spirit? Are you happy with it or do you feel there are improvements that can be made? Keeping yourself occupied with creative projects is a wonderful way to harness the universal energies at this time.


While you may feel drawn towards intense discussions with others, it’s also a powerful time for going inwards and tending to your needs, Pisces.

You may be eager to share your knowledge with others and also learn from them in return. The Moon is in Gemini and in your fourth house of home and emotions. At the same time, it is important to pay attention to your emotions and listen to what they are trying to tell you.

The Moon conjunct Venus transit brings you heightened sensitivity and gentleness with yourself. Negative thought patterns should be worked on under this transit and as your rational mind is in full swing today, it’s a great time to think of solutions to issues that bother you.

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