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Horoscope for 2-Dec-2019

by the owl speaks
  • Aries

The new day will start with new energy power and enthusiasm. In some case you can make up your mind for great risk. It will also be beneficial for you. It can be harmful to trust someone blindly. Today you have to do all the work on your own.
Career- You have a lot of energy on the career front and a willingness to take big risks. You can benefit  
Love- You are adamant about your feelings. There is a need to rejuvenate the relationship by talking openly with your loved ones.
Health- Physically you will be healthy, mental fatigue may occur.

  • Taurus

Today you can feel yourself Motivated, but you will feel a lack of creativity and productivity in proportion to the hard work you are doing. In some cases you may get new responsibilities, which can prove to be very beneficial for you in future.
Career- You should not step back from your responsibility.
Love- You will want to do something new in love life, but it is possible that you will have to step back due to your responsibilities.
Helth- Your health is very good.

  • Gemini

It is advisable to maintain focus and concentration. You may have to constantly monitor some cases. Due to this, some everyday tasks can also be affected. If you are under stress or upset for a long time, then you will be able to talk to the people concerned about it.
Kriyr- careers are improving the situation on the front.
Love- You will get to know the new aspect of your emotional nature, which you did not know before. If you are in love and have not expressed your feelings then now is a good time to do so.
Helth- stress due to health issues.

  • Cancer

Pay attention to home, family and recent issues. There will be conflict between work and family life. Do not expect anything to go according to plan. Today, a lot can be contrary to your thinking. If you want to take a big decision for yourself in a matter, then postpone it on Monday.
Career – Today you can get some good news about career or job. You can count yourself lucky.
Love – Spouse can cause stress in any case.
Health – Take care of your food. This can have a big impact on your health.

  • Leo 

The day is positive and optimistic. You will be in an easy-going mood all day. The routine will be fine and you will try to improve the financial conditions. In social matters, you will try hard to gain respect and reputation.
Career- The journey related to work or business will end well. You can get rich benefits.
Love- Spend time with your loved ones. Someone can be ignored, which can spoil your mood.
Health- today spend your time in some sports or physical activity. It is necessary for your health.

  • Virgo

You should avoid unnecessary and self-indulgent tendencies. You can buy things for your home and office. If used properly, your creative talent will prove attractive. The day will be good for you. Some good opportunities may come before you.
Career – There may be some mistake in your career, which will make you feel guilty all day. Be careful.
Love – romantic relationship will be stable. Can also go on long drive with your partner.
Health – Today you have to try to avoid laziness and sleeplessness.

  • Libra 

It is a time for ambition and responsibility, a time to steady yourself and work fast, because you have been working very hard for a long time. Today is a favorable day for you in every way. People around you will also treat you very affinity and ease.
Career – Time to take a fast step towards your target. Success is near. Will get support from colleagues.
Love – Your partner is doubting everything that you do, every step you take.
Health – Avoid sour food, eat green vegetables and walk.

  • Scorpio 

This is not a good time to make important decisions, which can affect the circumstances of your life. Others may challenge your views or rights. An important person or officer may oppose your views. Older contacts can be revived.
Career – You may dispute with the boss or their counterparts. Be careful.
Love – You will be happy to meet an old person. A new relationship can begin.
Health – You have to avoid some unhealthy habits. Health can be adversely affected.

  • Sagittarius

Set some goals and then work with management and efficiency in all your ways to achieve them. Expect a fun filled day and you will consider it a very enjoyable day. Some things may be completely favorite for you. You will get benefit from this.
Career – The atmosphere in the office will be good. You will get support from colleagues and officers.
Love – will improve your relationship with your spouse. Spend time with your parents and listen to them.
Health – You need to pay attention to mental health, it is time to control your emotions.

  • Capricorn 

You will get a lot of satisfaction from your ability to use your imagination in work. Cards are indicated towards the sum of the journey. A mission or task today may seem like hard work to others but it will be a pleasantly challenging prospect for you.
Career – On the strength of your hard work, you can achieve some such achievements, which may be a mere imagination for others.
Love – Plan a weekend trip and can surprise your family. Love life will be very pleasant.
Health – Both body fatigue and stress will be very high. You need enough sleep.

  • Aquarius 

Today will be a day with some stress and pressure. In either case you may have to work on two fronts simultaneously. You also need to focus on improving your image. In some cases, the day is your favorite. The day has brought some good signs for singles or unmarried.
Career – There can be stress on two levels for you. One to move forward in their work and the other to handle some spoiled things. An interesting conversation with a
love lover can take you in a new direction today. Spouse will have a good time.
Health – One can feel weakness in the body. Add some nutritious diet and exercise to your routine.

  • Pisces3

Today is the day of family responsibilities. Household elders and children may demand more attention. You will not feel like working due to fatigue and stress. Will try to postpone a case. If possible, take responsibilities as much as you can properly.
Career – You have been working hard for a long time now, so take a little rest if possible.
Love – You will get a chance to spend quality time with someone special.
Health – You need yoga. You should take time for this.

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