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by the owl speaks


Your odds of having a good day increase dramatically if you put a smile on your face as soon as you wake up. Not only will it start you on a positive path, but it will remind you that the world is yours to see however you want to see it. It can be boring and annoying, or it can be delightful and fascinating. It’s up to you. It’s too easy to let other people tell you how to feel. How about making yourself feel how you want to feel?


The world around you is wide open to your suggestions right now, so throw your biggest hopes and wishes out to the universe and see which ones come into being! Don’t waste a minute. As soon as you wake up, start thinking about what you want. Visualize the person you want to ask you out, that ideal job, the restored health of a loved one. Daydreams are free, but they are also an invaluable road map for the universe to follow.


 Opening up and letting someone into your heart is easier said than done. If you’re in the midst of a budding relationship, cut yourself some slack. Don’t be so hard on yourself, worrying about what you’re doing right and what you may be doing wrong. Just be you! That’s the only thing that matters. Sure, you can be flirtatious, but if you’re not feeling like batting your eyelashes, then don’t. Be genuine and act the way you feel. It’s very unwise to play a role.


You may be feeling a lot more than you’re thinking, which could cause a misunderstanding if you’re not careful. You have to work harder to know when your feelings are relevant and when they are not. Emotions magnify everyone’s behavior with exuberant energy, and communication may be misinterpreted. You might think people are insulting you or doubting your motives, when in fact they aren’t. Hold off on any major decisions until you know you’re dealing with the facts.


There has been a leadership vacancy in one of your groups for some time now. Folks need a leader, and you should give serious consideration to nominating yourself for the job. People enjoy the unique perspective you bring to the scene, and they will react well to your new ideas about how to run things. Ask someone whose opinion you trust what they think about you stepping up to the plate. They’ll have some very encouraging feedback for you.


A lot of information could come at you today, but you have a gift for keeping cool. Perhaps it’s your solid focus on the finer details that saves the day, but then again perhaps you can see the big picture and not get caught up in the minutiae that helps you keep your head together. It pretty much looks like you can’t screw up today no matter what tack you take! It’s the perfect day to try something you’ve never tried before. You’ll be a success.


There’s no room for excuses today. The only thing standing in your way is you, so it’s time to stop playing the blame game and start getting things done. If you don’t have all the information you need, ask more compelling questions. If no one will stop what they’re doing and help, just do it yourself. It isn’t any fun to have to do more work, but at least when you’re done you can feel proud of yourself for not just sitting around and complaining.


Why are you trying so hard to hide your imperfections? These are the small details about your personality that people need to see to understand who you are. Don’t hesitate to show them. Be proud of them! Those little quirks and unusual affectations are what make you memorable and special in the eyes of your friends, so they’d impress new people, too. Bare more of your true self. It will pay off.


The social games used to be fun and charming, but lately they’ve become too predictable and tiresome. It’s time for a change in plan. People who are all talk and no action need to be avoided. Instead, you need to spend more time with people who commit to things and know how to follow through. Align yourself with people you can depend on. Shifts happen from time to time in relationships, and this one is necessary.


 If you have the time to be more charitable, help someone who can’t do everything they need to do alone. An elderly friend or relative would probably appreciate help with something, and it won’t be much of an inconvenience for you to make a huge difference in their day. They’ll make it worth your while, too. A potentially life-changing introduction could be coming soon.


You might not be in the midst of a sizzling affair, but there could be something exciting brewing between you and another person. Someone is on the same page as you, either in a professional or social situation, and today brings you an opportunity to connect with them on a whole new level. It might be up to you to get the conversation going, but once you do, they will drive most of the talking, and you’ll start to feel like you’ve known them all your life.


 If you spend too much time thinking about another person’s motivations right now, you’ll only get overwhelmed. You won’t be able to predict what they’ll do next, so why try? Let them be who they are and just focus on doing your thing. If you’re waiting for them to decide moving forward, you’re giving them way too much power. Go your own way, and if they want to come along they’ll let you know. It’s not healthy to depend on someone to any great extent right now.

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