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by the owl speaks


Trying to impress people, Aries? In your eagerness to please, you could wind up vulnerable to the demands of a love interest or a colleague. Worse, your important plans may fall by the wayside. While you don’t mind putting in a 200 percent effort, when you give too much of yourself, you wind up drained. Today, put up healthy boundaries and don’t do more than your best friend would advise you is realistic. If you don’t feel comfortable with a flat-out no, negotiate a counteroffer. You DO have some wiggle room here.


You could be on a mission to blaze a new trail. Pour your energy into developing a bold theory that uplifts and excites you. Now that the Moon forms a beneficial trine to Uranus in your 1st House of Self, you can get a lot of support for your brilliant ideas. You might want to broadcast this concept on a blog, podcast, or social media page. It helps that you communicate your ideas with kindness and humor. Instead of lecturing your audience, you’ll invite them to accompany you on a journey of the mind. You could gain many interested followers.


Attending to practical matters can make you feel productive and accomplished today. Channel the power of the Virgo Moon’s sextile to Mercury, your ruling planet, and you should zip through chores like a hot knife through butter. Once you’ve completed your list, you’ll be free to throw yourself into enjoyable domestic pursuits. Make some delicious food, decorate a drab room, or plant a flower bed. If you’ve been thinking of relocating, explore an out-of-the-way neighborhood known for its beauty. You could find a great place now that’s well within your budget.


You should have no problem expressing your creative vision while the Moon is making a supportive trine to Mercury in your 1st House of Identity today. Take this opportunity to brainstorm with some fellow artists; your innovative ideas could be championed by the team. Putting playful twists on time-honored traditions may be a hallmark of your work. Although some of your methods might not sit well with conventional types, innovators will adore them. This could even lead to an opportunity to teach an art class for beginners.


You’re a highly creative person who’s comfortable putting your ideas out there. Building a meeting or other forum where everyone else is encouraged to express themselves will be a great use of your managerial skills today. You’ll get some much-needed support from the sympathetic Moon’s trine to futuristic Uranus in your 10th House of Ambition. This diplomatic way of living and working could attract a professional position that’s beyond your wildest dreams. Accept an offer to help develop a new brand or become a professional influencer. These roles are right in your wheelhouse.


A team project could provide the intellectual stimulation you crave today. A refreshing sextile between the reflective Moon and Mercury, your ruling planet, makes it easy for you to relax your inhibitions and say what’s on your mind. Other members of the group may appreciate your honesty and adopt you as the unofficial leader. Instead of trying to mold and shape everybody into a preconceived idea of success, you’ll encourage each person to develop their unique gifts. People are most willing to contribute when they feel recognized and valued.


You may be especially sensitive to your environment today, so be mindful of the company you keep. Joining forces with someone who appreciates the rich, creative aspects of life will bring out the best in you. You’ve always had a deep appreciation for beautiful colors, enchanting melodies, and bewitching scents. Spending time with someone who shares your delight will double your pleasure. There’s a good chance you’ll even begin work on a creative project together. Between your technical skill and their uncanny intuition, you can produce something spectacular.


An unconventional partnership could be of great benefit while the Moon forms a trine to Uranus in your 7th House of Relationships today. Being with someone who embraces your quirks will encourage you to be more confident and forthcoming. Feel free to talk about an unusual idea that has been hanging on your mind. To your surprise, your friend may immediately seize upon the brilliance of this concept. Consider ways you could market this innovation together; targeting an underserved segment of the community could bring this venture both attention and success.


Your ambition is especially powerful now. While it may seem like a difficult time to change jobs, there are plenty of opportunities for advancement right now for those who are receptive to them. A position involving publishing, travel, or education could be worth pursuing. Don’t worry if you lack the desired experience — you’re a quick study who will have no trouble mastering advanced technical skills. Be sure to emphasize your versatility during the interview process. Working for a commission may also be highly advantageous for you; your outgoing personality could make you a highly successful salesperson.


Your star power is especially strong today, so use it to open doors, get favors, and attract attention. In the past, you may have been self-conscious about not fitting the traditional idea of personality, looks, or lifestyle, but now, you’re ready to embrace what sets you apart from the crowd. Your differences will work to your advantage, whether you’re looking for work, romance, or creative opportunities. Someone with a heart of gold may be especially appreciative of your unique talents. Accept an offer of help from this benefactor; they can assist you in realizing your potential.


A home life that is diplomatic and supports everyone’s individual needs will make things smoother and happier in your abode. Instead of pressuring everybody to eat or sleep at the same time, allow them to set schedules that make sense for them. Or, if a member of your household needs special facilities to exercise, work, or relax these days, find a way of providing them. A trine between the accommodating Moon and Uranus in your 4th House of Domesticity can make such arrangements possible today. When everyone feels their needs are being met, moods will settle and peace can set in.


A close relationship is one of your greatest sources of strength now. Your best friend, romantic partner, or business associate has great advice for increasing your productivity today. By listening to this supporter’s advice, you can do more work in less time. Becoming more efficient may be as simple as arranging your day so that you tackle the most arduous tasks when you are most energetic. This is about working smarter, not harder. When you are finishing your work faster, you will have more time for your favorite leisurely pursuits and feel a greater sense of balance.

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