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HOROSCOPE FOR 27-April-2020

by the owl speaks


This is an intensely emotional day for you, Aries, though you’re likely to view things from a practical mindset which helps generate a good balance for you.

The Moon is in Cancer and your fourth house of home and emotions. How are you feeling about your domestic surroundings at this time? Your feelings may be guiding you to make changes to make your environment more comfortable and secure for you.


You’ll find it easier to express yourself today, Taurus, taking a very down to earth approach to things and able to see things from all angles. This makes it an excellent time to begin new projects or continue with existing ones that you’ve been struggling to finish.

The Moon is in Cancer and your third house of communication. You will likely be able to express your emotions clearly and concisely. There is a chance others may feel your method of communication is a little robotic today, so don’t be afraid to inject a little dramatic watery flair into your conversations!


You may take a more practical approach to your money and resources at this time, Gemini, but you may also hover between moments of impulsiveness and diligence. Don’t worry – these moments are inevitable!

The Moon is in Cancer and your second house of income. How can you find ways to better manage your income at this time? The Waxing Crescent Moon encourages you to think and plan regarding this.

You’ll have a more grounded approach to things so it is an excellent time for planning, especially in the second half of the day. Keep yourself focused and try not to get distracted too much.


You may feel a keen need to go inwards today, Cancer. You must get your time and space to reflect and be at one with yourself. You absorb emotions easily and it takes time for you to recharge your batteries.

The Moon is in Cancer and your first house of Self and discipline. You are likely questioning yourself today and your moods may fluctuate.


How are you connecting with your innermost self today, Leo? This is a day of reflection and contemplation for you. You may feel more inclined towards relaxation and less towards using up your natural fire.

The Moon is in Cancer and your twelfth house of the subconscious. Even if your day is a busy one, try to find moments where you can be at peace for a while. Meditating even for ten minutes throughout the day can be an enormous help.


You may feel drawn towards expressing yourself in a heartfelt manner, Virgo, as you’re feeling a strong sense of community spirit today and want to let others know how much you care.

The Moon is in Cancer and your eleventh house of friendship. You may find yourself speaking in a balanced and harmonious way while being driven by strong emotions. Who do you want to express your deep feelings today?


Finding balance is important to you today, Libra. How do you feel you can achieve this? What steps can you make to ensure your living and working space is as harmonious as possible?

The Moon is in Cancer and your tenth house of career and reputation. Today, your powerful emotions are encouraging you to view your working life from a soul level. How much of an impact are your emotions having on your work?


This is a very emotional time for you, Scorpio. The Moon is in a fellow water sign, Cancer, and in your ninth house of wisdom and spirituality. What aspects of yourself do you wish to explore today?

With the First Quarter Moon on the horizon, the time for action is almost upon you. For now, carefully cultivate your plans. You have important ones and it is essential you think everything through before making a move.


We all know someone who worries if they have nothing to worry about. We’ve all been there. We understand how one worry feeds off another, and they can multiply faster than a footballer spends money in a strip joint. But on the other hand, it’s not always wise to advise someone not to worry. Worrying can be helpful if it is done long enough to take necessary, determined action. To banish one of yours, you know what you must do.


In the crazy social media-driven world we live in, and the fact that within milliseconds, people around the planet can know our business, we still need privacy. Even someone who uploads hundreds of posts each day to every platform on offer has boundaries. But if you sense that others take an unusually keen interest in you now, then it’s because they care. Try not to see it as intrusive.


Has anyone ever seen the silver lining within a cloud? It’s unlikely, but that doesn’t stop us from creating a helpful positive, and inspiring images. Something you might believe to be negative, unhelpful for uninspiring could have qualities you’ve yet to discover. These could be the equivalent of a silver lining in many ways. Give something a chance to reveal that it’s not as bad as you think it is.

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