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Horoscope for 29-Nov-2019

by the owl speaks


There’s something going on that is difficult to pin down, but which may be prolonging financial difficulties which could be leftover from the past. In fact, it might be nothing more than a half-understood memory which is causing you to act in a rather negative, unproductive and, perhaps costly, manner.


Today’s main planetary aspect is undoubtedly emotional and volatile, but it will be quite easy to defuse other people’s hysteria by calmly and sympathetically explaining the facts as you see them. You may also have to make up someone’s mind for them.


The full impact of current celestial alignments is bound to be difficult to understand. You may have one of those strange feelings that all is not quite right. That aside, if you want to do something for yourself, sort out chronic health irritations.


Passions are running high. You may prefer the company of friends with whom you have little emotional connection, but if you go in for intimate one-to-one encounters, then you must be prepared for long-buried feelings to erupt from the unconscious depths.


You are in a very strong position, and not for the first time, but that may not shield you from a few items of flying emotional shrapnel. The possibility of tearful scenes increases as the hours pass, but so does your ability to make the peace and turn chaos into order.


You may well receive some sort of a revelation today. You might hear a welcome item of news, and the feeling that you finally know what is going on will make it all worthwhile. You can expect a display of emotion at work, perhaps late in the day.



The first step in the right direction now appears to be to recognise that someone else was absolutely right all along. However, while that might be the case as far as actions and behaviour are concerned, your beliefs and imagination are still spot-on.


You should feel positive but, if you let your suspicions run riot, you may end up feeling rather gloomy. However, there is no need to be gloomy. Press ahead with daily matters; you may gain an immense amount of satisfaction from concentrating on immediate and routine necessities.


Friends you hardly know, casual acquaintances in other words, are likely to give you a hard time. Why they feel they have the right to do this is a complete mystery. You’re far better off mixing with lovers, children and people who are young at heart — and who you know you can trust.

You are usually very alert. If your sixth sense is functioning to the full, you may discover that an employer or another authority figure is behaving irrationally. You may decide to keep out of the way, and that might be the best thing you can do.


Travel seems to be very much on your mind. If there’s no chance of a journey, at least you should dabble in some distant fantasy. If you can’t go on an adventure today, is there some way you can spice up your life? Take the initiative and get in touch with people in foreign parts.

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