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by the owl speaks


It’s okay to allow yourself to be decadent occasionally. Put aside one day a week as a cheat day. Have no guilt, no remorse, and enjoy it thoroughly. The rapid hermit in you emerges as you quickly try to distance yourself from psychic vampires. Someone could end up irritating you if they’re being demanding of your attention or affection. Unless you’re able to free yourself from their grip, you won’t get much done. Put up a no-trespass sign to keep unwanted individuals at bay.


You must crush any disloyalty now before it gets out of hand. This is more important if you’re in a position where you need to maintain respect among those you’re managing. This fickleness should be a litmus test of those who are genuinely supportive or those who are making a move to possibly topple you. These are political transits which indicate power plays. Manipulation may be at hand. You don’t want to play mind games with others but may have no choice if you want to strengthen your position.


Landscaping, gardening and other earthy activities can be very therapeutic right now. You may not even have an interest in these sorts of things. Getting your hands dirty and standing on mother Earth can be very grounding. If you have the opportunity, sit under a tree, turn your phone off and look at the sky. Healing will be instantaneous. You don’t even want the company of others if you can enjoy some peace of mind on your own. Take a good book with you. You might end up spending a few extra hours under that tree.


You need additional headroom at this juncture. It’s as if you’ve been cramped or marginalized. Allow some margin of error today, both for practical chores and for dealing with friends. Assert your own needs, even if it’s uncomfortable for others. Sometimes you must communicate what others don’t really want to hear. If you’re uncomfortable making them uncomfortable, you need a rethink about how to tackle the problem. Unless you can make yourself happy, no one else is going to satisfy you either.


You’re walking a tightrope today. You have to be slick at bickering if you’re going to defeat competitors today. You need to have a rock-solid argument in support of your position. Eliminating time-consuming activities is up high on your agenda. You’ve got to manage time in a much better way. Part of this means keeping a lid on passionate impulses and maintaining greater self-control. It’s easy to get distracted because you don’t have your heart in what you’re doing at the moment.


You need to allow your partner to impose financial caps, especially if spending is spiraling out of control. Don’t let any necessary discussions roll into an ongoing battle of wills. Differences of opinion are necessary to find a happy medium. Focus on what’s mutually beneficial, rather than divisive. Even if you feel out of sync with each other right now, these talks will iron out your differences. Just because your loved one is thinking differently, doesn’t mean they don’t still love you.


It may be time to toss out those antiquated appliances you’ve been possessively holding onto for so long. They’re costing you more to keep in service than to repurchase. You can’t afford to economize. Sometimes saving money’ is producing the opposite effect. A false economy means purchasing things cheaply only to have to purchase them again, and again. Buy something of quality, ensure it has service support, and pays a little extra for the extended warranty.


It’s a case of fallible awe if you’re unnecessarily fawning over someone. Have you checked their credentials at all? Are they everything they represent themselves to be? Today is about credibility. That’s your prime keyword in your dealing with others. Pay careful attention to the small hints and obvious cues in the discussion. That’s essential, especially if you’re putting money on the line. Don’t rush the bargain. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s more than likely not true at all.


It’s easier than you think to sidestep a closet malfunction. Don’t dive into your engagements before getting some genuinely honest feedback from your friends. It’s funny how we sometimes think colors and styles suit us, only to be dead wrong. You’re trying hard to make a fashion statement, just make sure it doesn’t backfire and embarrass you. Astrologically, there’s every good reason to lean towards a more conservative color and style. If you’re meeting for business reasons, less is more.


If you happen to be a backstage spendthrift, the other actors on the stage, namely your family, might be surprised to learn of the escalating bill. It might be a good idea to talk about what your planned spending looks like. Admit it, you just don’t want the discipline of a budget. Cutting back on those nice little self-pampering items isn’t easy, is it? On the other hand, if you stitch together a good enough story, you might just convince them that there’s something in it for them as well.


You can impose the law and still be congenial. Fear of loss is a great technique for getting others to perform their allotted tasks. Getting them to live up to their responsibilities is your main task today. This is also an important component of parenting. If you have unruly family members, the fear of loss is a reverse form of psychology. Generally, incentivizing someone gives them enough reason to get to it. Having their expectations dashed is sometimes a more effective approach.


Not everyone is as hearty an explorer as you are. You’ll be disappointed that your excitement isn’t as contagious as you thought it would be. You’ve made plans, selected the people you want to share some fun times with, only to find they have other interests. This is a numbers game, however. Go through your diary, emails, and check out unlikely friends who might be ready to try something different with you. It’s a great way to reconnect with those you haven’t spoken with in some time.

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