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HOROSCOPE FOR 30-April-2020

by the owl speaks


Today’s Mercury-Uranus mashup in your industrious second house ramps up your ingenuity to near-genius levels. Roll up your sleeves and get down to business! The only problem? Important details could easily slip through the cracks if you don’t jot things down. Ask people you trust to double-check the fine print or proofread important documents. Your money manifesting powers are dialed up. With metaphysical Uranus in the mix, take a moment to visualize prosperity!


Arm yourself with cold, hard facts, Taurus. Today’s merger of Mercury and forward-thinking Uranus in your sign raises your defenses, demanding that you back up your ideas with tangible evidence. Yes, you’re probably annoyed that some people are unable to see the bigger picture here. Give them the benefit of the doubt and humor them a little. Send the additional information they’re requesting so you can move forward with more ease and less resistance and pushback. Then, once you’re fully equipped to deliver your pitch, it’ll be an easy home run.


Time heals all wounds, Gemini, and today’s stars are a testament to that. A game-changing Mercury-Uranus meetup in your twelfth house of closure could prompt a deep psychological dive. At last, you’re ready to finally wave the white flag and release yourself from the grips of a painful situation. Resist the temptation to lash out and get that one last word in. Burn off any residual steam with a long walk or some living room cardio. Nurturing yourself is a vital piece of the healing process—AND it will help you move on faster.


Teamwork supposedly makes the dream work, but only if you hear each other out. Under today’s intense Mercury-Uranus meetup in your group-activity zone, domineering or divalike behavior could shake up dynamics. As a natural empath, you may have to talk this person down from their pedestal. Perhaps they need an ultimatum? Without bruising an already inflated ego, you might suggest that unless they find a way to compromise, their services will no longer be needed. You’ve got the upper hand in this one, Cancer, but the way you wield it will determine the outcome of this delicate situation.


Shoot for the moon, Leo, ‘cause there’s a good chance you won’t miss! Today, a powerful merger between social Mercury and communal Uranus in your ambitious tenth house adds rocket fuel to your goals as you prepare for liftoff. If you’ve been toiling away trying to get a project off the ground, your big launch awaits! Still, need to make the right connections? Reach out to potential supporters with full Leo enthusiasm, and don’t be surprised if your efforts materialize a potential investor. 


Honesty is usually the best policy, but not when it bruises egos. If you’ve recently been too hard on someone close to you, today’s meetup of communicative Mercury and high-minded Uranus helps you make amends and start patching over any bruised egos. You spoke your truth, which is good, but how might you have been more empathetic toward this person—especially if their feelings were already in a fragile state? Apologize, and then revisit the discussion by allowing them to tell their side of the story.


Filters, please! Today, an uncensored Mercury-Uranus mashup could prompt you to hit ‘em where it hurts. Bite your tongue, Libra, or you could damage an important bond. You might know this person a little TOO well, which makes it easy to push their buttons. With mouthy Mercury and unpredictable Uranus in your intense eighth house, one-on-one discussions are best conducted in private, not by text or on a Facebook feed. Broaching this topic in a public forum will only lead to unnecessary drama. Use your magnetic prowess for some virtual seduction or sexy one-on-one time. Just watch for jealousy or coming on a tad too strong.


Commitment or bust? Today’s merger of inquisitive Mercury and forward-thinking Uranus in your partnership house could prompt “the talk.” You don’t have to come on SO strong that you seem melodramatic. But if you’ve been afraid to speak up for fear of rocking the boat, stop hiding your feelings. Whether in business or romance, the stars urge you to strike a better balance of giving and take. Are you both doing your fair share? Bring your needs to the negotiation table and come up with some creative compromises. Put anything in writing that has the potential to slip through the cracks or relapse into an outmoded pattern.


Today’s energy will be making you think only about your relationships, Sagittarius. It isn’t easy to have relationships with others, as you may have noticed. The respective demands of each one in a relationship can be difficult to understand. Moreover, the demands of others can obscure your path or cause you to detour from it. Consider that the less we ask for in a relationship, the more flexible and deeper it becomes!


Some of your demons may come back to haunt you today, Capricorn. You could find yourself battling some of those same old doubts and insecurities that you thought you’d left behind. Your desire for a higher standard of living will have you preoccupied with money concerns in the middle of the day. These concerns will pass, so take a deep breath and try not to worry too much.


It might seem like you no longer completely believe in what you’re doing, Aquarius, perhaps because you’ve been going a little too quickly in your quest to get what you need. Your social life may have slowed down a lot now – just when you decided to go full speed in this domain. Surprising what the astral energy can do, isn’t it? Don’t get upset. You can’t do a thing about it.


Today’s planetary energies will be very demanding, Pisces. As you agonize over whether or not you’re up to “standard,” the planets, in a very cheeky way, respond that you are not! That’s because you’re moving too quickly. The change in direction that you’re making at the moment is profound, yet you’re trying to take it lightly. Dare to slow down and go deeper.

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