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Underwear disappeared from Baghdadi’s house

Polt Caine said that he was constantly changing his hideout in fear of the Baghdadi attack, this time he was about to change his base. Then one of our agents reached the house where Baghdadi lived. He retrieved some of Baghdadi’s underwear and came back. After this, DNA test was done with this underwear sample and it was ensured that the person who was looking for America lives in the same house.

Detective stole Baghdadi’s ‘underwear’, DNA test clears US way

The US had to work hard to get information about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the head of the Islamic State (IS), the world’s most feared terrorist organization. The US Intelligence

Agency (CIA) joined hands with the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a Kurdish militant organization, to seek information about Baghdadi.
A detective of the SDF carefully reached the house in Baroda where Baghdadi lived. The spy stole Baghdadi’s underwear and brought it to the CIA. DNA test was done from samples found in underwear. It became clear in the DNA that the person present there is the terrorist Baghdadi.

After this, the US carried out this operation. Polt Caine,

senior advisor to the SDF, wrote, tweeting about the operation, “Since May 15, we have been monitoring and searching for Baghdadi’s hideout.

Polt Caine said that Baghdadi was constantly changing its hideout in fear of the attack, this time it was about to change its base. One of our spies arrived at the house where Baghdadi lived. He stole some of Baghdadi’s underwear from there. After this, DNA test was done from the sample of this underwear and it was ensured that the person is Baghdadi.

The campaign will continue till the end of IS: America

Even after the killing of Islamic State (IS) leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the US will continue to campaign against this terrorist organisation

in Syria. US Defense Minister Mark Asper said that the US campaign to defeat IS, which has been going on in Syria since 2014, will continue. Addressing a conference with US Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Miley, Esper said, “We have

learned a lesson from our history in West Asia that it is easy to get involved in conflict if the objective is not clear.”

It is not our priority to settle every small dispute like a police force. Our campaign against IS, which began in 2014, will continue and we will continue to defeat this terrorist organization. ”Last week on Sunday, the US Delta team launched a special military operation to the world’s most wanted terrorist Baghdadi hiding in the village of Idlib in northwest Syria.

Baghdadi funeral in accordance with armed conflict law

General Mark said that the funeral of Baghdadi has been done in accordance with America’s Campaign Action Standards and Armed Conflicts

Law. His body was taken to a safe center for for DNA testing to confirm her identity and to be cremated thereafter.

In response to a question, General Mark said, “US forces

linked IS to the scene of the incident (Baghdadi where killed) and also got material related to their future plans. I would not like to divulge more information about it until a full investigation is done. ”On Trump’s assertion of the crying of Baghdadi before death, General Mark said the president’s statement was based on his interactions with those involved in the attack.

America will not reveal Dog’s identity

The US Defense Ministry Pentagon said that it would not reveal the identity of the dog (dog) injured during the operation to kill Baghdadi

in northwest Syria. The US Dog Squad chased the IS gangster into a closed tunnel from one side and when he had no way to escape, he blew himself up in a suicide jacket, in which Dog was also injured.

General Mark said, “The K-9 military dog did an excellent job. He is moderately injured in the campaign. We are not doing any photographs or names or anything else right now. It is confidential. We are protecting his identity. ‘

Turkey attacked before US operation

After being leisurely about Baghdadi’s presence, America was about to attack there. So news came that Baghdadi

is going to change its base once again. Meanwhile, in another development, Turkey attacked Kurdish fighters in Syria. Because of this, the US had to stop its operation for a few days.

The Kurds got together during the attack

Turkey soon halted its operation in Syria After this, America once again started a campaign to carry out its operation. Finally, on Saturday night, America carried out this attack. When US President Donald Trump was addressing the country to end Baghdadi, he referred to the help from the Kurds. Turkish military adviser Poulot Can said that the US military got all the help from them. The SDF helped the American troops to describe the airdrop as a target.

‘Death of dog’ killed Baghdadi, Trump reveals many secrets at the end of a cowardly terrorist

US President Donald Trump said Sunday that Islamic State (IS) chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died like a dog in an operation conducted by US special forces in the Syrian province of Idlib.

Speaking at a press conference, Trump confirmed the death of the IS chief, saying al-Baghdadi was killed inside a tunnel with his three children, crying and screaming. President Trump said that DNA tests proved that it was al-Baghdadi.

Trump thanked several countries, including Russia and Turkey, for their indirect cooperation in intelligence, which helped the military campaign eliminate the IS chief. “We knew that we were traveling in a dangerous area, it was not easy to get in and out,” he said. US President Trump further stated that from his first day in the White House he wanted to capture Baghdadi.


Earlier on Sunday, President Donald Trump surprised everyone by making a tweet. Trump tweeted that ‘something big has just happened’. Since then, there have been speculations that Baghdadi has died.

Following the tweet, the White House announced that Trump was scheduled to make a major announcement on Sunday (9am) local time. US Special Operation Commandos carried out a risky raid in northwest Syria against Baghdadi bases in Idlib province on Saturday.


In the name of Kayla Muller, the campaign to end Baghdadi was played after the kidnapping.

Washington, IANS. The US named its campaigner to kill IS mastermind Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (abu bakr al baghdadi), named Kayla Mueller, who was murdered after being kidnapped by IS. Kayla, a 26-year-old American human rights activist, was abducted by IS militants from a Syrian hospital in 2013.

Helping victims in Syria

In Syria, she was helping those affected by the civil war. Kayla, who saved the lives of several female prisoners, was murdered in 2015. His body, however, was never recovered.

Kayla’s parents praise Trump

Kayla’s parents Karl Müller and Marsha Müller praised US President Trump, saying, “If Trump had taken a decision like former President Barack Obama, my daughter would have been alive today.” He also expressed his gratitude to the US military forces for campaigning in his daughter’s name. Trump announced while announcing Baghdadi’s death, Kayla was a beautiful young woman helping people.

Who was Kayla

Kayla Müller, a human rights activist by profession, moved to Turkey after completing her graduation in 2012. After this, she went to Syria and started helping the people troubled by the civil war there. There they were engaged in day and night service of the people, meanwhile, she was going out of a charity hospital and then she was kidnapped by the terrorists in August 2013. The terrorists picked up from Aleppo and played a game of cruelty. He was assassinated in 2015 after continuous rape. After this, heinous crime was discussed in the world.

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