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Earthquake in Mexico: At least six people died after a strong 7.4 tremor

by the owl speaks

A strong 7.4 magnitude earthquake has hit the Pacific coast of southern Mexico, killing at least six people in remote villages and seriously injuring others.

On Tuesday the tremor caused damage to buildings in Mexico City hundreds of miles away.

The six fatalities had been near the center of the quake in Oaxaca, a mountainous state known for its colonial architecture of coffee, mescal and Spanish.

Witnesses in La Crucecita, the state’s Pacific coast resort town, which Mexican authorities said was the epicenter of the earthquake, saw anxious residents standing outside their homes hours after the quake as they feared deadly aftershocks.

Houses were scarred by large cracks through walls, and residents tried to clear the streets of debris. Approximately 200 houses in the area have been damaged, including 30 badly impacted, said a local official.

Rockfalls have blocked winding mountain roads between Oaxaca’s state capital and the coastline.

Rescue workers in the remote hill village of Santa Catarina Xanaguia reported three people being seriously injured, one state official said. The official said they fought for hours to reach the settlement near the epicenter, where the quake brought down homes and parts of the mountainside.

Magnitude quakes over seven are major earthquakes that can cause extensive, heavy damage.

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