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ICJ orders Myanmar to take steps to prevent Rohingya Genocide

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The International Court of Justice (ICJ) at Hague today ordered the Myanmar government to take measures to prevent the genocide of Rohingyas as part of its obligations under the Genocide Convention.

In a unanimous decision by 17 Judges of the ICJ, the court observed that there was prima facie evidence of breaches of the convention by Myanmar. The ICJ said that the estimated 600,000 Rohingya remaining in Myanmar were “extremely vulnerable” to violence at the hands of the military.

In its judgment, the ICJ ordered that the government of Myanmar should submit its report of the steps taken to the ICJ within 4 months and thereafter every six months till the final decision is pronounced.

However, the court refused to specify the provisional measures to be taken by Myanmar for the protection of the rights of the Rohingyas.

The ICJ also ordered that Myanmar should take effective measures to preserve the evidence related to allegations of acts of violence against Rohingyas.

Commenting on the defense presented by Myanmar during the oral proceedings, the court said that it is not convinced that Myanmar has taken any concrete steps to ensure the right of Rohingyas to exist as a protected group under the Genocide Convention.

The case was brought to ICJ by the West African country Gambia alleging that Myanmar has breached the Genocide Convention. It requested the ICJ to order provisional measures to protect Rohingyas from genocide.


Source -DD News

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