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Twitter suspends account of Chinese virologist who claimed coronavirus was made in a lab

by the owl speaks

New Delhi: Microblogging site Twitter has suspended the account of Chinese virologist Dr Li-Meng Yan, who previously believed coronavirus had been developed in a laboratory in China’s Wuhan.

Li-Meng Yan, who allegedly fled China to become a whistleblower, said she had evidence that the deadly virus had been developed in a Wuhan lab.

On Tuesday, Yan’s Twitter account was taken after she accused China of deliberately creating and releasing coronavirus pathogens.

Her Twitter account is now inactive with a message reading: ‘Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that breach Twitter rules.’

The microblogging platform had started to post warning messages to tweets that they found had disputed coronavirus claims. To date, Twitter has not commented on the suspension of Yan’s account.

Li reported that she had evidence that the virus came from a virology lab in the city and not from a wet-food market. “The genome sequence is like a human fingerprint,” she said in a YouTube video.

In a YouTube video, Dr. Li-Meng pointed out that coronavirus did not originate from the meat market in Wuhan, and the argument that coronavirus originated from the wet market in Wuhan is simply a smokescreen.

She also added that it is not a natural coronavirus. Dr. Li-Meng said that through local physicians and some knowledge, she discovered that the virus was not born in the meat market but was developed in the laboratory.

She further blamed the World Health Organization, when it was reported, for not responding adequately to the coronavirus threat. Chinese officials have also dismissed her warnings despite being aware of the danger the planet was about to face, according to Dr. Li-Meng.

The Chinese virologist noted that the Chinese government operated the laboratory in Wuhan where the coronavirus was made.

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