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Alagarathnam Natarajan : “Delhi’s Matka Man”

by the owl speaks

Delhi’s Matka Man was born in Bangalore. He is neither backed by any NGO nor a government-sponsored organization. Natarajan relocated to London as a young man and there he spent 40-years as a businessman running a souvenir shop. He was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. He won the battle with cancer and now lives a cancer-free life in South Delhi. After his treatment, he decided to return to India and do something for the less privileged people.
In 2014, when he observed the scarcity of drinking water and the difficulty of people suffering due to thirst, he wondered how he could help people. And that was the time when Matka Man was born.

Natarajan has set up around 15 Matka stands around his neighborhood in South Delhi and many more in nearby area ( around in 100 locations)to quench the thirst of everyone in need. The stands also have his telephone number on it to reach him just in case if the matkas get empty. The water for these matkas is supplied by a nearby school in the vicinity and two kind-hearted souls. The rest is supplied from his home in a van which is fitted with an 800-liter water tank a pump, and a generator to run it. With the help of this van, he assures that the matkas are filled every day and at least four times a day during the peak summers. He not only provides water to thirsty people but also offers morning meals to the people on their way to work. He provides this meal free for women and children and at a subsidized rate for others. In hot weather, he also adds lassi to complete this meal.
He says, “I wish to help those in need around me and also to inspire people to help those around them. Perhaps then, I can start a quiet revolution of human kindness.”

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