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Coronavirus: You certainly have to wash your hands if you touch those 6 things

by the owl speaks

1. Currency

Throughout these days, Reserve Bank of India promoted the use of digital wallets to make payments. 
And for good purpose money notes and coins fly outside the imagination and there is no hint of where they have been. 
Researchers found hundreds of pathogens like E. Coli and salmonella, as well as hundreds of banknote microorganisms. 
Needless to say, if you were to wash your hands shortly after handling them, that would help.

2. Any animals

The doctors confirmed that animals could potentially carry various diseases.
And because pets are seen to be sweet, washing up is always overlooked after you’ve played with them.
Although handling your pets after using sanitizers (it’s dangerous to the pets) is not recommended, it will help wash your hands before and after you’ve played with them, or even patted them.

3. Mobile phones

How to Keep Your Phone Clean During Coronavirus Outbreak | Time

According to some reports, your touchscreen cell phones may be dirtier than a toilet seat.
It was also discovered that some cell phones may have as many as 17,000 copies of the bacterial gene.
It would help if you were always using, say, a sanitizer to clean your screen.
But it would also be safer if you were to wash your hands after using your phone, as washing decreases pathogen transmission.

4. Kitchen sponges and cutting boards

No matter how clean you think your kitchen is, getting your vessels washed or chopped vegetables and meats using a cutting board will help if you wash your hands.
Truth is that in most homes, the kitchen is typically the most germ-heavy
space, since that’s where you unload raw food, clean utensils, and discard waste.
There were many as 326 species of bacteria on used kitchen sponges according to one report.
No doubt, after tonight’s dinner you’d be better off washing your hands properly with soap and water after having done with the dishes.

5. Pretty much anything in a doctor’s office

5 Crucial Coronavirus Tips from a Doctor, Including How to Treat ...

You should think after a visit to your doctor’s office you can not get sick, right? You couldn’t be more wrong.
Even if your doctor can do his best to keep your clinic safe, preventing bacteria from surviving, even thriving, is impossible.
Only think of the number of people who visit the doctor every day, and consider how easy it is to catch a virus in the office of your doctor itself.
So just take a moment to wash your hands on the way out.

6. Soap dispensers

And you’ve been reading that correctly. For bacteria, soap dispensers are a haven.

Think about it and you’ll probably see how that can be valid – you’re pressing the dispenser pump with your hands full of bacteria and although you’re washing your hands the way you’re supposed to, you’ve already passed some of the bacteria to the pump.
You can get more bacteria on your hand from a soap jar than sticking your hand in a toilet bowl according to one study!
It may be helpful to wash the dispenser pump lightly with soap before going ahead and washing your face.

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