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COVID-19 Crisis: Google Compiles All The Thank You Doodles Of Coronavirus Helpers

by the owl speaks

It was on 6 April 2020, when, also during this coronavirus pandemic, Google first updated its doodle to thank those who give us their valuable services.
So it began with doodle containing an animated gif that would thank health workers and medical staff across the globe.
The doodles are a collection of the theme ‘Thank you Coronavirus Helpers’ to last up to two weeks.
It also expressed gratitude to teachers, health-care staff, custodians, farmers and many more.
Google updated its doodle on Saturday that includes the collage of all the thanks your doodles.
When you float the cursor over the doodle, one can discover, ‘To all coronavirus supporters, thank you’ note. The beautiful compilation of the doodles is a thank you to those superheroes who are giving services to us in different ways, by putting themselves at risk. These superheroes are doctors, nurses, hospital workers, sanitation workers, policemen, grocery workers, logistics delivery people, teachers, scientists, farmers and many more.
The doodles were beautifully crafted to represent the letter ‘G’ throwing spirit, love, and reverence for the letter ‘E.’ The above also represented the service providers.
So, let us now think about the separate dedication to doodles in these two weeks.
April 6: Public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community April 7: Doctors, nurses, and medical workers April 8: Emergency services workers April 9: Custodial and sanitation workers April 10: Farmworkers and farmers April 13: Grocery workers April 14: Public transportation workers April 15: Packaging, shipping, and delivery workers April 16: Foodservice workers April 17: Teachers and childcare workers.
We appreciate this step from the search engine giant and hope that things will soon get normal.

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