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Srikanth Bolla : The 24 Year Old Blind Entrepreneur Built a 50 Crore Company

by the owl speaks

This time, The Talented Indian presents the guy who is not only a magical inspiration for the youth, but also for the people who are capable of different things.
Born 24 years ago to poor parents on the east coast of Andhra Pradesh with no light in his eyes, Srikanth Bolla, who was formerly rejected by IITs, is now the CEO of Bollant Industries based in Hyderabad with an annual turnover of INR 50 crore.
Bollant Companies recruit uneducated and differently able young people to create environmentally safe and recycled packaging solutions for customers.
Earlier, he applied for the country’s IITs, BITS, Pilani and other prestigious institutions. In response, he received a letter saying he was blind and thus was not eligible to apply for the competitive exams.
If IITs didn’t want him then he thought, he didn’t want IITs as well.
How long does one fight?
After facing rejection, Srikanth started applying to the Universities abroad and went on to become the first international blind student to be admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) in the United States of America. During his stay in the United States of America, he found himself dealing with multiple questions with a desire to do something better and fulfilling.
He helped more than 3000 students to obtain education and vocational training qualifications.
The other question then began to concern him about their job?
He started a company to address this problem and now employs more than 150 people with different abilities.

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