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the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

by the owl speaks

Earth Day is an international celebration held around the world on 22 April to express appreciation for the conservation of the environment. This was first celebrated in 1970, and now involves activities that the Earth Day Network promotes internationally in more than 193 countries.

On 22 April 1970, the first Earth Day took place. An unprecedented 20 million Americans—10 percent of the population — ventured outside and marched together to deal with increasingly serious issues surrounding unsafe drinking water, air pollution and the effects of pesticides.

The relation we have with nature, plants, and the land is central to our health and to all we are. Earth Day encourages us to take care of our planet — whether it’s picking up garbage, planting more plants, recycling and repurposing, or walking around the wildflowers in a green room.

Today, Earth Day is not only a day to raise awareness of environmental issues, but it’s also becoming a common day for many groups to gather and clean litter, plant trees, or simply focus on nature’s beauty.


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