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Australian Woman survives after terrifying fall from bungee snaps

by the owl speaks

An Australian woman has survived a terrifying fall after her bungee cord broke off Africa’s Victoria Falls Bridge during a 111-meter (364-feet) jump, plunging her straight into the Zambezi River, infested with the crocodile.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Erin Langworthy, who sustained only cuts and bruises in the fall on New Year’s Eve, said it was a “miracle” that she had survived the plunge into the rapids below the bridge that border Zambia and Zimbabwe.
“It felt as if I had been slapped all over,” Perth’s 22-year-old told Australia’s Channel Nine TV.
Video footage revealed the moment the cord had broken and thrown her into the river at the end of the fall.
Langworthy had to dive underwater when she entered the rapids to loosen the rope wrapped around her feet.
“To make it to the surface, I had to swim down and yank the bungee cord from whatever it was caught on,” she told.
She managed to swim to the bank of the river on the Zimbabwe side after unbinding her feet to await assistance.
“Yes, I think I survived it’s a miracle,” she said.
Langworthy had been treated at a clinic nearby before being evacuated to South Africa.
A Zambian minister sought to reassure tourists about bungee safety but said the operator would discuss the issue.
“The bungee has proven to be a very viable operation considering that more than 50,000 tourists jump on it every year. It has been in operation for 10 years.

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