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Andhra Pradesh suspends Lord ctemple property auction by TTD

by the owl speaks

Tirupati: In the midst of strict opposition by several leaders and devotees on the proposed auction of 50 immovable properties of Lord Venkateswara, the Andhra Pradesh government decided on Monday to suspend the activity.

The government asked the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) to reconsider its decision and to consult devotees and other religious leaders on the decision. Several properties located in multiple places have been donated by temple trust devotees. The property is located in Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

“Keeping in view the sentiments of devotees, the government hereby directs TTD to re-examine the issue in consultation with different stakeholders like religious elders, opinion makers, section of devotees etc.,” the government said in an order released on Monday.

The TTD was asked to consider whether these properties could be used for the construction of temples, dharma pracharams and other religious activities.

On Sunday, TTD Chairman Y V Subba Reddy said that the immovable property included tiny houses and plots between one cent (approximately 400 sq. ft.) and five cents and farmland between 10 cents and less than one acre, and that they were non-maintainable and non-revenue-generating TTD. He called it “very petty and unfeasible.”

He added that there were 26 and 23 such properties in Andhra and Tamil Nadu, and one in Rishikesh, respectively. The property auction was expected to take a total of about Rs 24 crore.

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