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European MP said, eyes opened, we are with India

by the owl speaks

The visit of 23 EU MPs to Kashmir ended on Wednesday amid criticism and questions from the opposition. Together these MPs said that they are with India in the fight against terror. He called the abolition of special status of the state an internal issue of India. During the tour itself, the militants killed six laborers from West Bengal in Kulgam. It was also condemned by European MPs. In a joint press conference of all MPs, Newton Dunn of Britain said, ‘This tour has opened our eyes. Whatever we have seen on ground zero, we will keep our point on it. We want to see India becoming the most peaceful country in the world. Poland MP Jarnecki said, ‘International media shows unilateral news about Kashmir. We saw something else there. We will give full information about it to our country. French MP Thierry Mariani said that I have gone to Afghanistan and Syria. I have seen the destruction that terrorism has done there. It will not be allowed to happen in India. It is known that this is the first high level visit of foreign representatives in Kashmir since the end of 370.

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