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Google launches a $10 billion digitalisation project for India

by the owl speaks

On Monday, technology giant Google announced an Indian Digitization Fund, through which the company will invest $10 billion over the next five-seven years (about ₹75,000 crore).

“We will do so through a combination of equity capital, alliances and capital in activities , infrastructure and ecosystems. It is a reflection of our confidence in India ‘s future and its digital economy, “said Google CEO Sundar Pichai during a virtual event.

Mr. Pichai said that the investment will focus on four areas that are important to India’s digitisation, including enabling affordable access and information for every Indian in his or her own language, building new products and services that are highly relevant to his or her unique needs, empowering businesses on their digital transformation journey and leveraging technology and AI for social good in areas such as healthcare,education, and agriculture.

It is a significant step in the midst of the pandemic, which speaks to India ‘s accessibility and attractiveness as an investment destination, the government sources said.

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