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Lockdown likely to propagate in red areas beyond 17 May, relaxation in less-affected areas

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According to government sources following a meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and state chief ministers, the lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus is likely to be extended beyond May 17 with fewer restrictions in areas not seriously affected.
Restrictions such as night curfew and public transport curbs that continue in areas known as Red Zones sources citing a media report said.
Modi has asked states to come out with a lockdown blueprint.

Addressing chief ministers via a video conference, the prime minister also said he was “firmly of the view that the measures required in the first lockdown process were not required in the second phase, and similarly, in the fourth phase, the measures needed in the third phase are not needed,” an official statement said.
As the lockout reached the sixth week, several states are in favour of resuming economic activity outside of exclusion zones.

The prime minister has asked the chief ministers to share a specific plan on how to deal with the lockdown regime in their states by May 15.

“I invite you all to share with me by May 15, a detailed plan on how each of you will like to deal with the lockdown regime in your specific states. I like states to make a blueprint on how to deal with various complexities during and after the gradual lockdown lightening,” he said.

“We now have a fairly good picture of the geographical distribution of the pandemic in India, including the worst-affected areas. However, in a time like this, officials have recognized operating procedures right up to the district level in recent weeks,” said PM Modi.

India on March 25 instituted a national lockout to prevent coronavirus spread.

In their suggestions for reviving the economy, the chief ministers have sought support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, infrastructure projects such as electricity, loan interest rate easing, and assured market access to agricultural produce, the statement said.
It also highlighted the mandatory quarantine of stranded Indians returning from abroad by air and sea routes.
Modi said, “We have to realize that the environment has profoundly changed since COVID-19.” “Now the world is going to be pre-corona, post-corona much like the world wars scenario, and that will bring about drastic changes in how we function,” the PM was quoted as saying in the interview.

Modi pointed out that the new way of life will be based on the “Jan se lekar jag tak” concept (from a person to the whole of humanity).
“We all need to prepare for the new truth,” he said. Coronavirus cases in India crossed 67,000 on Monday, with 2,206 deaths, and could surpass China at the current rate, which is expected to be around the 84,000-mark by May 17.
India instituted the world’s biggest lockdown on May 25, demanding that people go out for food and medication only to slow the spread of the deadly disease.

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