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Mahila Haat, the new home for the hobbyists

by the owl speaks

The bookkeeper gets his heart wherever he sees the book. Recently, the Sunday Book Bazaar in Daryaganj was given a new destination. These days, this market is being set up every Sunday at Mahila Haat, near Delhi Gate. In such a situation, we are telling you today, what has changed in this market, which has shifted from Daryaganj 

While people were disappointed at the lack of a book market in Daryaganj till these days, there is excitement among people who are fond of reading when the book market is shifted to a new place. Along with this, the shopkeepers are also breathing a sigh of relief on getting a new place. So know that this time when you go to Mahila Haat, what will you find something new there:

If you talk about buying books till now only the book market in Mahila Haat, then the Sunday Book Market of Daryaganj used to come first in the minds of Delhiites. . But there used to be a lot of crowd along with those who took books, as well as those who bought other things there. When the book market shifts to a new place, you are getting only books there. Whether you want to take a novel or books for school or a book to prepare for a competition, in this market that is being held in Mahila Haat, you will get A to Z all Books will be available. Book seller Naseem Malik said that this place is also good for us, because where we used to market earlier, there were also clothes, shoes etc., which used to be very crowded, and cases like pocket cutting too. Used to come. Here now

This is a market for books only. The pickpockets are also afraid now. Is not. Commander Saeed, president of the Sunday Book Bazaar Welfare Association, said, “We were shocked after the High Court order, the removal of the book market was very sad for us. We ran for 9 weeks after the market was removed. During that time we were also shown many other places to put up the market, but being the closest to the old place of the market, we have chosen this Mahila Haat for the market, so that more and more people can reach here easily. Here, we have been given 6 x 4 square feet of space for laying of books by MCD, for which a slip of Rs 185 is cut every Sunday.


Big Discounts on Books

This market is known for cheap books from the beginning. Shivani Singh, who came to buy books at Mahila Haat, said that I have been coming here to buy books since my school time. When this market was closed, I was feeling very bad, but now I am happy that this market has started to reoccur. All types of books are available here at very cheap prices. I have also bought 4 novels from here for Rs 100. You to prepare for competition in this market. Can also buy books. Their price compared to other places. They are very cheap. Vishal Gupta, who came to buy the book, said, ‘I am glad that this market is starting to come up again, here we get books at less than the online rate. That’s why I keep coming here to buy books. – Prabhat Sharma (Intern,

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