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Frustrated with defeat, five-time world champion, I have become my own enemy

by the owl speaks

Five-time Chess World Champion Vishwanathan Anand, who is struggling to maintain continuity in the game, said on Tuesday that he himself was ‘becoming his biggest enemy’. Anand (Vishwanathan Anand) managed to score only one point in the last five games of the Tata Steel Rapid and Blitz Tournament on Tuesday and was thus eliminated from the Grand Chess Tour.

World champions disappointed by defeat

He said after the tournament, ‘I have no words to tell about it. I give myself a chance and then myself become my enemy. it bothers me. If there is no chance for me, it will be better. The most difficult moment for Anand came when the player, who was considered the king in the blitz, lost the match in the 15th round to a winning position from Anish Giri of the Netherlands.
Anand said that he was going to waste himself so much that Anand was so disappointed that he had a dialogue of British actor John Cleese’s 1986 film Clockwise, ‘I don’t have trouble with disappointment Laura, I can afford disappointment. I am not able to face that expectation, ‘he said,’ I have no problem with failure but I am being burdened under the burden of expectations. This is what I was doing today. I was constantly giving myself opportunities and then ruined myself. ”

He said,“ This (contest against Aneesh) proved to be the last nail in the coffin. I was winning but forgot about the time. If I had won this match, I would have remained in the race. I am my own worst enemy.

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