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Apple introduces Apple Silicon processor. Is this goodbye to Intel?

by the owl speaks

Back-end innovations to the Mac are at the centre of the #WWDC20 keynote as Tim Cook announces Apple Silicon, a new ARM-powered processor

“It’s a historic day for the Mac,” announces Tim Cook towards the end of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 (WWDC20) keynote event. “From the very beginning, Mac redefined the entire computer industry; the Mac has always been about innovation and pushing things forward.”

The Mac, explains Cook, has had three major transitions in its history: the move to PowerPC, the transition to macOS X, and the move to Intel. That said, a new lease of life on the Mac reveals a transition to Apple Silicon, its own ARM-powered silicon in the Macs in the future.

Johny Srouji, Senior Vice President of Hardware Technologies, says building and refining Apple Silicon for about a decade, adding, “The result is a scalable architecture that is custom-designed for our products.” The idea is that Apple products generates greater performance per watt. It started with the iPhone’s chipsets, from A4 to A13, and then iPad’s A5X to A12X, and then Apple Watch’s S5.

So Apple Silicon will give the Mac industry-leading performance per watt and higher performance GPUs — enabling app developers to write even more powerful pro apps and high-end games. And access to technologies such as the Neural Engine will make the Mac an ideal platform for developers to use Machine Learning.

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