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Google redesigns Photos app

by the owl speaks

About five years after launching the Photos app to organise pictures and videos, Google has set out to redesign some of its key features with a focus on playing up users’ memories.

For Android users, Google Photos app is the go-to place to both store and re-look at their memories in the form of images and videos. And if their location data is turned on while taking those pictures, the map coordinates are linked to the images.

With the latest redesign, Google is allowing Photos app users to view the locations of the places they captured on camera on a map view.

The new carousel puts search at the centre, and lets users to look up locations on the map to reminisce enjoyable moments.

Google is also adding more features to its Memories section, including picking best pictures for users. Along with this, the app has moved its auto creations, like movies, collages and animations, from ‘for you’ tab to ‘memories’

The app gives an option to uses to hide certain pictures or people from their albums. This allows them to filter memory suggestions they receive.

And for users in the US, Canada or EU, they can now access the Print Store to buy printed products featuring their photos.

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