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No plans to launch 8 GB RAM-Snapdragon 865 ROG Phone 3 in India to discontinue ROG Phone 2

by the owl speaks

Asus has just released its Indian gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone 3. It is not only the only Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 + processor that supports a product that hits the Indian shores but also a feature-rich smartphone that aims to give other premium products from rival brands a tough time. India currently receives two computer models – 8GB+128 GB and 12GB+256 GB respectively at 49,999 and 57,999. There are, however, other models that have also launched globally. So, HT Tech got in touch with Asus India, head of mobile company, Dinesh Sharma to talk about those models, their launch in India and what happens to the ROG Phone 2 last year now that ROG Phone 3 is here.

When asked about the ROG Phone 2, which launched last year at somewhere 37,999 (base model) and got a price hike in June this year, it was reported that the handset would be pulled from the Indian smartphone market. Sharma says that because users with ROG Phone 3 are getting loads of new features such as 64-megapixel camera, 8 K video recording, 30W charger inside the case, better Air Triggers, Dirac speakers and more, it would make more sense to remove ROG Phone 2 from the shelves, too, with # 49,999, which is just # 12,000 more.

“So, basically, at a slightly expensive price, you ‘re having a massive improvement and when you’re buying, when you’re spending that kind of money, you ‘re really looking at the long term. So, from that viewpoint, we assume customers will be far better off actually moving to the ROG Phone 3 rather than continuing the ROG Phone 2 at a price point of either €45,000 or €43,000, “Sharma said in HT Tech conversation.

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