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Tik-Tok is “in”…..

by the owl speaks

Everyone seems delighted when they receive likes on social media. The number of rising followers decide who will be on cloud nine here. Is it mandatory to upload treacherous videos, photos or stunts on social media? Why today’s youth is ready to kill themselves just to get fame on social media apps? What spell the apps have done on them? Let’s check it out…….
The star of Tik Tok Sandeep known as Armaan Malik just went up on the tenth floor in a hotel in Delhi, makes a video viral while attempting to commit suicide. Through which he pleads the police to withdraw all the cases against him as he is innocence.The second incident is from Bihar, where during a video shoot a person got hit by the train and he died on the spot.
These are merely examples. According to experts, the new generation is under the influence of social media where they capture hundreds of likes just in few minutes.
Everyone looks at a great selfie. Gets millions of likes on it. As soon they start receiving more likes, it prompts them to do something more deadly or something rather unconventional.
The idleness of the real world is filled with likes and comments from the virtual world. Once the aforementioned sequence commences, it does not take the name of the end.
There are several stories, in which some people are making videos to settle their loneliness, some for entertainment only, and some for specific talent like dance, singing etc.
This is not falling only on Tik Tok however on many other social media platforms. Either its facebook or Instagram, Snapchat or likee and so many more that are considerably less prominent.
On the other side, we cannot neglect the truth that today’s android era has boosted the confidence of our generation. As it can be seen how small kids are making their videos without any hesitation or talking about everything openly and confidently.
But becoming overconfident is bringing directionless aspirations. It is important to give their aspirations the right direction. Parents must understand their children’s psychological stress by having a daily conversation with them and subsequently escort them in the right direction. They also can differentiate between right and wrong, safe and unsafe. Also can be present with them when they are making videos.
To understand the insanity of Tik Tok among the youth, we also must understand the scientific framework of social media.
Today social media has proceeded far beyond its original phase.
Social media has become not just a virtual means of expressing itself rather it has become a parallel life. As a human cannot survive without food and water, it is tricky for them to visualise their lives without social media.They must concede that all this is simply a virtual world and here is a lack of serious creative. They need to agree that there is no short cut to success in life. Succeeding is a prolonged process in which social media can be just one-halt but not the edge.

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